Friday 21 August 2015

Hollyburn 2: Dance Party!

My second Sewaholic Hollyburn: 

I made this out of the cotton lawn I bought on my last visit to Bristol. Halfway through making this skirt I started to worry whether I was using it for the wrong thing (should I have made a dress? More dresses needs to be a thing, right?), but looking at these photos I knew this was the right choice. This is light and comfortable and I can wear it for all sorts of occasions. 

In celebration of this, I would like to combine my four favourite things into one post. Presenting the beautiful amalgamation of writing, sewing, photography and dancing in the first ever Slapdash Dance Party!

(If you're joining in at home, pick a piece of music that's terribly cool and you can brag about to whoever might be passing. Definitely don't play this, which is definitely not what I was dancing to. Ahem.)

(What do cool people dance to, anyway? When I'm pretending to be cool I talk about blues dance, which I love very deeply, but I have a feeling that my soul is probably more Billy Joel As A Singing Dog and not so much Grizzly Voice Of The Delta.)

(I'm never in the photos at dance events, which may be why you're getting so many of these. Sorry.) 

(I can heartily recommend "Singing Along Face" as my tried and tested modelling technique. I promise I spared you the worst of it.)

Thanks for dancing! I'm afraid there will probably be more of it coming very soon. 

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