Wednesday, 12 August 2015

wrapper's delight

(I'm sorry. I promise that not every post is going to have a pun in the title. But this won't be the last, either.)

See this?

This right here is what I wanted. To have a dress in my head and then make it into a real live thing that I could wear.

I bought this material a little while ago, some time before I learned how to work with jersey. I know it looks it should have a pensive wolf in front of it and be on a new age T-shirt and worn by that slightly odd beardy guy who used to turn up to house parties and was perfectly pleasant but nobody was ever quite sure whose friend he was or what he was doing there, but I had to buy it.

ME: [touches fabric] Ooh, that's soft.
TEEN GOTH JEN: [pops up suddenly] WE'RE HAVING THAT.
ME: But it's jersey.
TEEN GOTH JEN: Don't care.
ME: It'll just sit in the cupboard.
TEEN GOTH JEN: It has TREE BRANCHES and THE BEST COLOURS and I don't know why you think you can fight me on this.
ME: But...

So I bought three metres of the ridiculous stuff and Teen Goth Jen went back to sleep again. I knew immediately that it was going to be a wrap dress because a) I wanted a wrap dress and b) it seemed like a good way to de-Gothify it a bit. After making the dress once I decided I was confident enough to cut into this material, so my rotary cutter and I got to work. Based on my last experience, I added 6cm (I think) to the hem.

Mostly it came together really quickly, though this fabric really, really didn't want to be machine hemmed. I gave up after half a dozen tries and hand-hemmed the rest of it, so it's currently a bit of both. At some point I will get round to unpicking the machine stitching, but I'm terrified of making holes in the jersey. A project for a less anxious day, I think.

(This is definitely me being pleased and not me getting a bit too into singing along with the music in the studio. Honest.)

Incidentally, the reason I'm suddenly in a studio is that I got offered some free studio time and I took it, because of course I did. This was my first ever attempt at studio photography and studio lighting, and the reason everything looks a bit unfinished is that I couldn't be bothered to fight with my dying laptop long enough to Photoshop it properly. Slapdash!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, an outtake, where we definitely weren't dancing around to Taylor Swift or anything.

See? Definitely not. 

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