Saturday, 8 August 2015

it bears repeating

I told you you'd be seeing it again. 

Butterick #4443, version three. 

This is a medium weight green cotton I got from Classic Textiles. It's really not this colour at all - it's a very rich emerald green - but for some reason my camera refuses to record that. 

It's lined with this black and red swirly polycotton that I got at a shop on Holloway Road, whose name I can't remember for the life of me. 

I didn't think this was going to be any good, because it's a stress dress that I started making to get my mind off a potential catastrophe I was worried about. The first time I tried to put in the zip, my machine started skipping stitches. With uncharacteristic sensibleness, I put the whole thing aside for a couple of weeks, did a couple of other projects, and came back to it. I considered trying to make it without a zip again, but then decided I'd rather be able to cinch it in a bit more at the waist (more waist definition! Always MORE!).

In terms of construction, this is definitely my best attempt, though it's still not perfect (or even that good, but I like it). The shoulders are sewn properly, the zip is inserted, and I hemmed the whole thing by hand for no real reason except that I wasn't feeling great and wanted to finish the dress while lying down and watching Orange Is The New Black. 

And then I wanted to put it on and pose whimsically, because why not?

I'm taking a break from this pattern for a while, but I wouldn't rule out seeing it again in the future. I have a strange desire to make one in every jewel colour I can get my hands on. Jewel colours and waist definition, you may notice, will become something of a theme at this here blog. I know what I like.

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