Tuesday 11 August 2015

Sawrap Dressica Parker

(I'm SO sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm not even sure this one works written down. But now that I've thought of it I can't name it anything else, so we're all just going to have to put up with it.)

Behold my first ever wrap dress:


You may have noticed, if you were paying attention, that this is not the dress I posted last week. Why? Because that was the second one. I got overexcited and made two in two days.

When I was first looking into learning to sew, I spent hours on the Sew Over It website looking at their wrap dress class and sighing wistfully. That dress was my goal, my motivation to start sewing, and it existed inside my head for the best part of a year. Once I was secure enough in my sewing skills to consider trying jersey, I waited for them to release a class date. They did... in September. Following my none-too-eventful cowl neck top experiments, I got confident/optimistic/impatient enough to just buy the pattern and do it myself.

This was EASY. All those people going round the internet talking about how knits are difficult and scary are bastard liars. I had this sewn up in a few hours, with only a couple of instances of my machine trying to eat my sleeve hems.

This is the jersey I picked up in Bristol for the purpose of Wrap Dress the First, on the basis that it wasn't particularly stretchy and would be less difficult to work with. It was not the best choice of fabric, because it's also super thin and a bit scratchy from all that silver stuff. I need to wear it with a top and shorts underneath otherwise it just irritates me too much.

As I said, this was a really easy pattern to sew, with five pieces and very clear instructions. It is pretty low cut, so I'm not really comfortable wearing it outside without a vest top underneath. It's also super short on me. I haven't hemmed this (and I don't need to! Yay jersey!) because I really don't want it to get any shorter.


This length is just about wearable (sort of), but I've made a note on my pattern to add a bit of length in the future. Also I can't get the facing to stay on the inside. Other than that, it's a great pattern - comfortable, flattering and not over-complicated. I started making another one about twelve hours later, as you will shortly see...

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