Monday, 14 November 2022

unnecessary versions of necessary things: Audrey cigarette pants

So once again, my health has not been great, and I need to stop coming here and making pronouncements that I'm totally fine now, guys. I am not totally fine, I still don't know exactly what's wrong, and I can't really commit to regular posting at the moment. But I did take some photos the other week, so I'm going to jump on the okay day I'm having to share something.

I've said on my last couple of planning posts that I need more trousers, and that becomes truer with every passing day. My waist is now eight inches smaller than it was this time last year and there comes a point where you can't feasibly take a pair of trousers in any more and have them still look okay. The trousers in this post are none of the things I suggested I might make and I'm honestly not sure how much wear they'll get, but they are trousers nevertheless, so let's review. 

(Also I dyed my hair black, which so far almost nobody has noticed. I'm thinking I might keep it for a while, though.)

This is another pattern I got from Gertie's Patreon, the Audrey cigarette pants. I hadn't had any immediate plans to make these, but then I was in a fabric shop after having a really shitty day, saw some fuchsia ponte, message Patrick asking if I wanted a pair of stretchy fuchsia trousers. And if the answer you want to that question is "no" then Patrick is not your man to go to for advice. So I bought it. 

This was a quick enough sew that I managed it on a day of 32 degree heat (with a break in the middle to stand by a fan). Elastic waistband, pockets, pocket stay made of power mesh. I like all these details, though I will say that anything put into these pockets is extremely and immediately visible so I would probably only use them for holding my phone as I wander round the house. This particular waistband is one of those where the elastic is the same length as the fabric so there's no gathering, and I strongly prefer that. 

(Also, check me out having visible muscles! This photo is the first time I've really seen it.)

The main problem I have with these trousers is the fit. I have the problem I always have with more fitted trouser legs, which is that they look too big and wrinkly when I make them in my usual size, but taking any fabric out makes them too skintight for me to want to wear in public. I also clearly need some sort of alteration in the front crotch but I'm not exactly sure what. Any advice on what I might need to do there would be very welcome! 

I'm interested to see whether I'll feel able to wear these. So far I've only found this one way to style them that I like, and given that this is just a literal bra there aren't going to be many occasions for dressing like this. Which is a shame, really, because this is some amazing 80s trash right here. I can't really tuck things into them because you can see the lines, though I might get away with a bodysuit, and I just can't see myself becoming a tunics person. I'm definitely down to try things out (as long as they're not tunics, or really anything where the goal is to cover up most of the trousers). 

I am planning to have another go at this pattern. In September I got to go back to Abakhan for the first time in ages (I used to go with my mother-in-law when we visited Patrick's family, but they've moved several hours further away so it's very rarely an option anymore) and I picked up some green ponte which is much thicker, and thus maybe more forgiving, than this pink stuff. I really like the idea of the silhouette and would like to find a way to make a pair that feel a little more wearable for everyday. It's definitely the fit not the colour that's giving me pause, obviously - I never met an obnoxious trouser I didn't like. 

I do have another couple of sets of pictures taken, so hopefully I can get my head round another write-up or two this week. If not, I'll be back when I can. Sewing is still happening on and off, though not quite to the degree I might have liked, and I have made some stuff I'm genuinely pleased with. Fingers crossed I'll post again very soon! 

Charm Patterns Audrey cigarette pants

Fabric: Fuchsia ponte from Fabrics Galore
Cost: £24
Pattern details: Cigarette pants in two lengths with slash pockets, mesh pocket stay and wide elastic waistband. Capri length comes with optional grommets and lacing
Size: 10 waist, 12 hips
Alterations: None
Would make again/would recommend: Maybe/Maybe