Monday 3 August 2015

totally tropical

Butterick #4443, attempt the second:

I made this version out of a much lighter, slightly stretchy cotton and lined it with the same fabric. I sized down this time.

I thought I wasn't going to get to this point, because I fucked up the zip to quite an impressive level. Once I started to unpick my basting stitches, I realised that the teeth weren't lining up with the seam properly, bits of lining were somehow showing on the outside of the dress, and the zip pull was sticking about a third of the way down. I sighed, grumbled and cursed at it, then shoved the basted-shut dress over my head to see if I was going to need to do much alteration. It fitted. There was enough stretch in the fabric for it to get over my head and sit on me quite comfortably. So I took the dress off, unpicked the zip and just sewed the back seam shut over my basting. 

This is the version of this dress that I've been wearing most. It's really easy and comfortable, and it doesn't feel too formal for daywear. I even wore it to a tropically-themed party at a dance exchange.

Pictured: a reconstruction.

The organisers gave me the yellow lei as a gift. The multicoloured one I found on a pub table at 2am after an unexpected Thursday night's drinking, and kept it in my wardrobe for over a year for an occasion just like this. 

It was a nice pub. I doubt the lei is infectious. 

That's alright, then. 

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