Thursday, 10 September 2015

Kimono games, round two

(I almost called this post "Kimo-no-you-didn't". I'm sorry.)

The day after I made my first kimono, I started making another.

This is another of my remnant bin spoils, a lightish jersey, and I'd had it in mind for a jacket for a little while. I like the sparse print - it's enough to make it interesting without taking it too far away from 'neutral' territory and thus out of the Zombie Hoodie Replacement Race. I'd had a plan from the beginning to make my mother one of the kimono jackets for her birthday, and I wanted to do a practice run in jersey to see which fabric would be better for her (spoiler: she got jersey).

Here it is, and here I am, on an actual beach on the actual sun on a holiday in the UK. I'm not quite sure how that happened.

I had a very definite idea of how the print was going to work on this jacket, and it was quite difficult to get it to do what I wanted with the bit of remnant bin fabric I had. I knew I wanted the massive print on the back, but not exactly centred, and I wanted the edges of the print on the sleeves. I had to fold my fabric in an odd place to get the print on the back, and with what was left I couldn't get both sleeves the way I wanted them (the right sleeve worked better than the left). There wasn't enough for me to fit the collar on the remnant as it was, and I had to do a fair amount of stretching to get it to fit. Yay jersey! 

This is my new Most Useful Piece, and I can wear it with most things. However, as it's quite loose-fitting, it doesn't fulfil all of Zombie Hoodie's functions. I'm starting to worry that I'm going to have to make a literal copy of Zombie Hoodie, and I'd really much prefer to have something... I don't know, more stylish, more interesting? Not inspired by a 20-year-old Miss Selfridge velour zip-up hoodie that was probably never meant to fit the way it currently does but has been stretched beyond all recognition? Yeah, that.

My boyfriend was quite insistent on getting a picture of my shadow showing the sleeves off. So here is Shadow Jen, wide on sleeves and short on legs, apparently wearing a croissant for a skirt. How lovely.

Apologies for the massive gap between posts. I'll try not to do that again, I promise. 

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