Monday, 4 July 2016

Pre And Post Move Assorted Projects (PAPMAP)

Yes, I'm going with PAPMAP. You can't stop me.

(As a side note: the wedding guest dress from my last two-month plan is still to come; the jacket for my grandmother is not. It went wrong in a way I don't even remotely understand and I've had to bin it. I haven't come up with an alternative plan yet because I am feeling confused and discouraged. Sigh.)

This particular plan is going to be structured slightly differently, because, as the title implies, I'll be moving house in the middle of it. I don't want to be buying a bunch of fabric and printing out new patterns which I won't get round to using before I have to start packing, so things I already own are going to be made up pre-move, and patterns and fabric I have yet to purchase are on the back burner until afterwards. Most of the projects are summer-themed even though we're already in July and there has been literally no sign of summer so far. I want my shiny summer clothes, dammit, and if it turns out that we're not getting summer this year then we'll just have to go on a particularly fancy holiday.

First, as recent tradition dictates, your Simpsons gif:

(That is one hypnotic gif. This post has taken me ages to write because I just keep staring at it.)

Before the move

1. Deer and Doe Belladone dress

I've been sighing after Deer and Doe patterns for a little while now, and last month I bought a bunch of them. My first experience (the Chataigne shorts, which you will be seeing soon) was entirely positive, and the Belladone is the only one I've really seen other people make, so I'm interested to see how it'll look on me. I have a patterned Art Gallery broadcloth that I'm planning to use, but I want to make a toile of the bodice first (I know, right, what have I become?) because I haven't quite worked out how best to alter two-dart bodices for my shape yet.

2. By Hand London Anna maxi dress

I want to make another jersey Anna, but a maxi version, with a black top and patterned skirt. I picked up a piece of jersey in one of my earliest remnant bin raids that I've never identified the right pattern for (the print is rather awkward), and I think this is as good a bet as any. Based on my previous jersey Anna, I'm going to make liberal use of elastic to stabilise the shoulders and waistline and see if that helps at all.

3. Closet Case Files Sallie jumpsuit

These are so comfy and I want another one. I have a piece of black and white floral jersey for the top, and I have some black bamboo jersey on its way for the bottoms (this was the last piece of fabric I allowed myself to buy before the move). I'm going to add a small amount of length to the midsection this time, but that's the only change I'm planning from jumpsuit number one.

After the move

4. Closet Case Files Bombshell swimsuit

The one thing I promised myself was that I'd attempt a swimsuit this year, and August is the time. It was always going to be a jewel-toned Bombshell (I'm holding off on buying the fabric, but I'd like a deep green if I can find it) and I'm sticking to that, even though I'm not sure it's quite right for FF boobs.

5. Megan Nielsen Tania culottes

This just seems like the best idea. Looks like a skirt, but it's shorts. Light and comfy AND no chub rub! I am very excited. Again, I'm holding off on fabric buying so that I don't have to transport it, and I don't have any particular ideas about what colour or print I might want. I'll just wait for something to grab me.

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  1. Hey Jen. I literally just found this tutorial for a FBA for 2 darts this morning. It does a great job walking you step by step through the process. I hope it might help you!