Tuesday, 12 July 2016

a Sewing Bee bonus

First week without a recap and I'm already considering starting a whole other blog to recap Bake Off when it starts. This is probably not a good sign. But for now, I have found something truly delightful and wonderful and I want to share it.

I was browsing around Youtube looking for earlier series of Sewing Bee, which I did not find (this confuses me), but I did find that a few contestants have Youtube channels. Josh, for example, has a fantastically awkward credit sequence for his videos, and I am torn between being endeared by his stuff and being filled with rage because he is wearing a backwards baseball cap in one of them. Stop it, Josh!

BUT THEN. I saw Duncan's "hey, I'm going to be on Sewing Bee" announcement video (I almost didn't watch it because I barely remember Duncan), watched that, then clicked on his Youtube channel out of mild idle curiosity.


I was unable to sleep and grouchy, but then this! This! How can you be anything other than shiny and happy watching this? I take back everything I said in all my posts, Duncan is my favourite. He can't even fit a damn circle skirt, but this is better than clothes. It's definitely better than circle skirts. Also he has another one where he does In The Hall of the Mountain King and he comes on at the end to do his like-comment-subscribe bit and it's so adorable that I want to adopt him as a pet.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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