Thursday, 1 December 2016

sewing plans: winter 2016/17

I didn't do a project plan at the beginning of November. I sat down to write it and had a bit of a freak out - I wouldn't be able to start any sewing til mid-November due to holiday, I had to make at least two Christmas presents, the list of things I wanted/needed to make for myself was growing at an alarming rate, I still hadn't made the trousers from my autumn plan, I wanted to make a coat which seemed like a way bigger project than I had time for, and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. After mildly stressing about it for a few days, I decided to restructure my plans and do one per season instead.

So here is my winter plan. To celebrate, we're switching gif families:

1. A winter coat

I'll make clear at the outset that this may or may not happen. I am in genuine need of a big winter coat and was all set to make a Leanne Marshall for Simplicity pattern with a massive collar that turned into a hood. I was very excited about it. But then I stumbled across a review, which led to more reviews, which led to the very sad conclusion that the collar/hood thing just looks terrible in every single real version I've seen. I tried looking for other patterns and I can't find a single one that I like. I want something a bit different, preferably with a hood, at least knee length, which isn't going to take twenty-eight miles of fabric. Such a thing does not seem to exist. But if I can find fabric and pattern, I will be prioritising this.

2. A colour blocked skirt

Yes, I am planning to make a skirt that isn't a tulip skirt. I can't really believe it either. I bought two different colours of suedette on Goldhawk Road - one aubergine, one a mink colour - and I think they'll work well together on a skirt. I'm not 100% sure what pattern to use yet; ideally I'd like to find one which has colour block options already, but if not I might dig out my Hollyburn pattern and see if I can get anything out of that.

3. A little black dress

A couple of months ago I bought some kind of fake silk-type fabric from Sew Over It, for the sole reason that it had a large, sparse floral print. It's the only kind of floral I really like and it seems impossible to find, so I snapped up two metres immediately. I want to make a dress for wearing to nice dinners and Christmas parties and such, and my plan - though it might change - is to go back to Butterick 4443 and try that again, possibly with cap or flutter sleeves.

4. A jersey day dress

I've made a couple of these in November and will be posting about them soon, but what I'd really like to do now is make a slightly more complicated one. I have some mottled grey ribbed sweater knit and I'd like to try Vogue 8685 - the long sleeved version with the fuller skirt. Historically I've found Vogue patterns a bit overwhelming and backed out of making them, but I've accumulated several and I AM going to do it this time, dammit.

5. Some pyjamas

It is cold and I really could do with some warmer bedclothes. I'm planning to make some pyjama bottoms from navy and green check, and a top to go with it (though I haven't decided on pattern or fabric for that yet). Again, something I keep meaning to do and then forgetting about, so I'm writing it down this time and making it official.

I will probably be doing various end-of-year review posts this month, because a) it's the time for it and b) you know me, I love that stuff. Reviews and plans and analysis and project photos with incongruous Santa hats ahoy!

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