Thursday 3 March 2016

Overly Considered March Project Plan (OCMPP)

So, I've been thinking a LOT about this. I've written three or four completely different versions of this post, and none of them seemed quite right. I had too many ideas in conflict - stashbusting vs finding the right fabric; frivolity vs practicality; learning new skills vs improving on current ones; shiny new toys vs having food and somewhere to live. So while I still fully intend to do my planning this way, I'm going to change up how I do it.

My last two pattern hauls have been made up exclusively of patterns that were new to me, but that's going to get impractical and expensive pretty quickly. It's also not necessarily going to give me the clothes I really want. So I'm going to start calling this Project Planning rather than Pattern Haul (even though it sounds a lot less fun), and I'm going to include at least one new pattern and one remake in each one.

I've covered my bases pretty well this time - one frivolous dress, one practical outfit and one new skill. It's three PDFs and some instructions from a book, so I don't have a photo. Have a gif Ned Flanders squeeing about curtains instead.


By Hand London Anna dress

I got a printer, so this is happening. I'm going to make the midi version in an orange-coral lily print raw cotton, which I'm not sure is really me and it's definitely not March, but I really wanted to make a happy dress. This pattern is ubiquitous and I've not seen a bad version yet, so I'm hoping to be able to make lots, including a first attempt at a silk dress if this one comes out OK.

Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte top

I've been dying to make this one. Thank you, printer! I LOVE the shoulder detail on this and I haven't seen much else like it. If I can get it to work, I am possibly putting this shoulder on everything I ever make. Even the skirts. I want to make something that will go with the skirts I'm planning to make, so I've got a navy ponte for the main top and some teal to use as binding.

Sew Over It tulip skirt

This is actually my remake, even though blogland hasn't seen it yet. I've already made two, and that post is going up on Monday. Spoiler alert: I love this pattern and you will be seeing a LOT more of it. I have plans for one in red and one in mustard with navy topstitching, both of which will go with the above top, though the mustard one is contingent on my being able to find the right fabric.

Sew Over It Vintage bodice block

I've been meaning to try this for ages, and if I want to make anything else in the book I need to do this first. I'm just planning this as a toile for me to experiment with and get the fit right, so I'm going to use remnants to make it and not plan for it to go with anything in particular.

These are my priorities. I made loads of things besides the ones in my haul last time, but none of them were the ones I thought I was going to get to, so I'm not doing that again. However, I am going to see Dita von Teese perform at the Crazy Horse in Paris this month (she says, not at all smugly), and if I can I'd really like to make myself something nice to wear to that. We shall see.

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