Tuesday 22 September 2015


So, you know how I just needed to make something to get me going again? Making something just for the sake of it, just for the enjoyment of sewing it up?

Yeah. About that.

It is possible that I may have bought two Decades of Style patterns, which they don't actually sell in this country so I had to pay £10 shipping and £12 customs (or rather, £4 customs and an £8 "handling fee". Sigh) to get the damn things, and now that I've got them I'm slightly terrified to cut into them and also one of them is a FUCKING 1930s BALLGOWN because there is something wrong with me. The size in the pack won't even fit over my hips but I don't care because it is perfect and beautiful and I'll find a way to make it work when I'm better at every single skill I might need to make this thing into an actual dress.

So that's a goal project. Which means I probably didn't need to buy it right now, but hey. 

The overalls, however, I am planning to have a crack at. I'm going to have a go in a cheaper fabric first in case it turns out to be well beyond my skill set, but I'm planning to spend New Year's Eve in an utterly ridiculous apartment in Palermo (I know, I suck, you can hate me, it's fine), and the idea of lounging about on a massive Italian terrace dressed like that appeals to me rather more than it should. Also if I can find a way to wear a top underneath without looking daft, I can probably wear them to dance in. 

...also I bought a book with patterns to make 20 dresses and I bought a couple of Craftsy classes which came with free Vogue patterns, and also I bought a Vogue pattern in a half price sale, so I am really not allowed to buy any more for a while. I'm trying to put together a sewing list like most other bloggers seem to have done, but it's proving rather tricky. I'm going fabric shopping with a friend tomorrow, so after that I'll try and put something together. Possibly. 

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