Thursday, 25 August 2016

PAPMAP part three: Sallie, or ARGH


I'll start off by saying that I really like this. I added an inch or so to the length of the bodice and I much prefer it that way. The trousers are made of bamboo jersey, which I've never used before but is amazingly soft and comfortable, and having a different fabric on top means that this one is going to be a bit more versatile than my first Sallie. I've already worn it a lot.

However, it took me several screw-ups to get here.

My original plan was to make trousers from this bamboo jersey and use a monochrome floral print jersey for the top. I started making that, and it went entirely wrong in all the ways it could have. The lining wouldn't fit inside the top properly, I managed to sew the ties on backwards, the neckline went funny, and I couldn't unpick it successfully because the elastic wasn't having it. I got very annoyed, went out to buy something similar, couldn't find it, and bought this blue Art Gallery knit instead.

The top went together fine the second time, and the trousers also made up OK. But then the time came to attach one to the other, and AAAAGGGHHH. First I sewed the elastic channel the wrong width, then I redid the whole thing and realised at the end that I'd attached the top back to front. When I sewed it together for a third time, the seam allowances were off and it was really difficult to get enough fabric to actually sew the channel shut. Then I hemmed the trouser legs and the thread kept separating and snapping. It took ages. I had to picture a calm blue ocean.

But it is done. It is done, and it is wearable. Much as this was a pain in the bum, I am totally sold on the whole jumpsuit thing. I think I'm about done for summer sewing, but I'd quite like to make an eveningwear jumpsuit (possibly not this pattern) at some point in the nearish future.

To mark the final set of photos ever taken in my old garden (two days til we finally move in to our shiny new flat!), a dance party. Because what else are you going to do in a jumpsuit.

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