Monday, 1 August 2016

OCMPP review

Time for my March and April project review! Spoiler: these were much more successful than the last lot.

1. Bronte

This is okay. I've worn it for work a fair few times and I really like it with this skirt, but I don't think the fabric works as well as it's supposed to. I wouldn't be averse to remaking this, but I would need to find the exact right weight and stretchiness of fabric first.

2. Anna

Complete and total success. This is a really nice summer dress, and the pattern (especially the top) has become my go-to. I've made six Annas or Anna hacks already, and there's at least another two already in the works. 

3. Tulip skirt

Yes, this pattern is that recent. Obviously it's terrible and I hate it. This particular skirt has already been excised from my wardrobe for awkward-waistband reasons, but I have six others in fairly heavy rotation. And I'm not stopping. Sorry.

4. Bodice block top

I've not yet got round to finishing and wearing this one, but I have made another one that I do wear, and a 1920s tie version is in my immediate future as well. 

Best: The tulip skirt and the Anna are two of my all-time favourite patterns and I'm not picking between them
Worst: Bronte
Remake? Not sure about the Bronte, definitely the other three
Biggest problem: I don't have anything to complain about this time. Score! 

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