Monday 18 January 2016

UODPH part five: Moneta

I did not think this was going to be the last one I made, considering that I've been planning to buy it for so long and it's such a simple beginner dress. My brain put the following roadblocks in the way:

1. You can't make this until you get your Unexpected Lidl Overlocker working.
2. All the fabric is wrong.
3. Some reviews said it's unflattering and that is a problem for this one particular pattern for some reason.

All of which is stupid, so having sewed up my last two UODPH projects in the space of a week, I used the momentum to buy some lightweight Dairy Milk purple jersey, remind myself that I have never seen an unflattering Moneta on anyone, and get on with it. Since hip size doesn't matter I cut a straight size L with another couple of centimetres added on to the hem, and I don't think I'd make any alterations for the next one.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some actual decent photos!

This was a super-simple project, although the gathering with clear elastic wasn't the easiest (I'm tempted to look for another way to do that bit), and there is basically no reason for me to ever buy a pullover jersey dress ever again. Especially as those ones don't have pockets and this does. I've seen a few people complain about pockets in knits, but those people have never gone to a dance event, put their bag in the Massive Bag Pile, then been handed a cloakroom ticket or a handful of change. I don't want the pockets to be my handbag, I just like not having to root through a mountain of stuff to put a piece of paper away when I could be dancing instead.

Out of everything I've made so far, this is the one that's pulled in a) the compliments and b) the surprise that it's home made. I put this down to a combination of the following:

- Fewer things to fuck up
- Daily Milk purple is my colour
- Twin needle stitching looks fancy
- Dancers like when things have pockets

Lovestruck, I've fallen for a lamppost...

Scene change!

Roadblock response:

1. I didn't need the overlocker, though my sewing machine is definitely a bit rubbish at jersey.
2. This is definitely not a heavyweight jersey dress, but the stuff I got was totally fine.
3. I have literally never seen a photo of an unflattering Moneta, but if your preference is for no gathering at all at the waist, then that's you. I'm not the biggest fan of gathers, but I have no problem with these ones.

I'm looking forward to making my next Moneta. Mostly because I already have the title pun.

This is it for photos of Sicily. I'll leave you with one last one of me and my boyfriend looking smug/hungry, depending on which version of the story you're getting. 

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