Monday, 11 January 2016

Sensible New Year Pattern Haul (SNYPH)

Planning! I am full of plans! So full of plans that it's actually a bit overwhelming! Help!

This year I want to approach what I make a bit more deliberately. I'm wearing the things I make on a fairly regular basis, so I'm not just looking for patterns that don't look too tricky and fabric that isn't too expensive. I'm trying to make things that I would buy if I saw them - a combination of things I think I need and things I'd really love to have, filling practical gaps in my wardrobe and making my wardrobe as a whole more interesting. The overall goal is to look attractively put together on a day-to-day basis with the option of going into vintage drag or something more casually interesting if I feel like it, while looking comfortable and like myself the whole time. Which may be a bit of a tall order. We shall see.

I liked the way the Unnecessary October Dress Pattern Haul worked out for me, and I'm planning to try it as a structure for this year. Four or five projects planned at the beginning of every two month period, and if I have the time and inclination to do other things too, then I will. Here are my patterns for January and February. Check it out - a sensible collection of patterns for the next two months AND a slightly less unwieldy acronym that could actually be pronounced like a word! Probably best you don't get used to that.

Sewaholic Cordova jacket

I've had this pattern for months, and I'd bought all the bits and pieces for it before I decided the fabric wasn't quite what I wanted. A little while ago I bought some black and white fabric for a cape and then decided it wasn't right for the pattern, so I'm going to repurpose it for this jacket.

By Hand London Holly trousers

I bought this pattern ages ago all excited about making a jumpsuit, and then when it came in the post I decided I was never actually going to make it up. However, it's also a pattern for wide-leg trousers and I think it might be just right for my swishy trousers. I'm going to make this first pair in black for practical reasons, though I haven't yet acquired fabric of quite the right swish.

Sew Over It 1940s wrap dress

I don't have a photo of this pattern as I'm going to a class to make the dress. I'll write more about it when I blog the finished project, but this dress is basically the reason I started sewing and I've been waiting for months for them to run the class again. I have some bright blue crepe to make it in and I'm planning for it to be my birthday dress (I don't have a birthday plan yet, so it'll probably come down to "where can I wear this dress?").

Cashmerette Appleton Dress

It's time I used my goddamn aubergine print jersey. I wanted it to be a wrap dress when I first bought it, and since all the wrap dresses I've tried so far have given me some gaping problems, it makes sense to try a pattern specifically designed for bigger busts.

These four are my priority for the next two months. I originally had five, but I have several pieces of jersey to make into dresses and I'm not sure which one to put on the list. I have plans for a border print Tiramisu dress, a blue patterned Moneta, a navy floral jersey tea dress, and a grey spotty Vogue 8615, so you'll be seeing at least one of those along with the rest of the list. I know, I know, I probably ought to just pick one. But there is such a thing as too much planning, right?

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