Monday, 9 November 2015

UODPH part one: Tiramisu

(yep, that is a really unwieldy acronym, and yep, I'm using it anyway)

The first project from my Unnecessary October Dress Pattern Haul was the Tiramisu from Cake Patterns. I had the fabric, and I was excited to try out their pattern sizing system, so I started cutting this one a couple of days after I got it in the post. It hadn't really occurred to me before I looked at the sizing on this pattern that something being drafted for my bust measurement wasn't the same as something being drafted for my cup size, and it explains a few of the shoulder problems and gaping I've had in previous projects.

It's REALLY comfy. It fits well around the waist. The skirt is a good length and hangs really well, and also POCKETS. I also think overall it's got quite a specific kind of vintagey look that I really don't have anywhere in my wardrobe, and I think I'd like a bit more of it.

The instructions were very clear that the shoulder seams must be stabilised with stay tape. So I did that and now they're really itchy. I've cut most of it away, but it's still quite annoying and I'll probably need to cover it up at some point (redo the seams, you say? Couldn't possibly. It's finished now, see, and we can't go back. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST).

I started writing the post before I took the photos, and I wrote several lines about how the V-neck was a bit too narrow for my taste and I'd much rather it was wider at the neck. However, having seen the photos I'm taking all that back. Maybe it photographs better than it looks in real life, I don't know, but seeing the pictures I wouldn't change a thing about it. There are a couple of minor fit issues round the bust, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to be able to fix them properly, but beyond that this is a great dress and I will be making more. 

And now, especially for you, a couple of Jen's Over The Top Ridiculous Modelling Shots:

Thank you for indulging me. 

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