Wednesday 4 November 2015


So I made another circle skirt. But this one is ORANGE.

I bought this fabric ages ago, intending to make a massive floofy full-skirted dress with it. During a bout of insomnia the other week I pulled both the fabric and Sew Over It's Betty pattern out of my stash and started laying it out. Annoyingly the fabric was narrower than I remembered and the pieces didn't quite fit. I made a late night judgement call, scrapped the dress pattern and decided to make a circle skirt instead because what I really wanted was a massive orange floofy skirt and I'd live with it not being attached to a dress if I had to.

(I have no idea what the hell this pose is.)

This is the same circle skirt pattern as my previous two, but I've modified it a bit (because I'm fancy now). I added a couple of inches to the bottom because I wanted a slightly longer skirt for autumn, and I put pockets in it, which was pretty easy to do - I nicked a pocket pattern from one of my books and worked out the placement by holding the pinned-together skirt around me and marking the most natural place for my hands to go. I also drafted a slightly wider waistband for no good reason, and having worn this skirt a LOT lately I actually think I should have drafted a narrower one.

Look at it go!

This skirt makes me happy. I feel like me in it. I find it much easier to build outfits around this ridiculous massive bright orange printed thing than I do around a lot of things I acquired for the sole purpose of being easy to build outfits around, because this skirt is mine and I feel comfortable and happy and I know what works with it. I also don't care what other people think of it, which was a happy surprise. I often worry about how people are judging me based on what I'm wearing (or how they're judging the questionable workmanship in the things I make), but not this time. Because I know it's mine.

Do I need more orange clothes? I possibly need more orange clothes.

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