Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My first skirt

Hello and welcome to my first ever "completed garment" post, otherwise known as the Jen's Awkward Modelling Shots series.

To start us off, here we have the first thing I ever made*:

*technically I made a dress before this, but since the instructor did about 70% of the work, I choose not to count that one.

It's a full circle skirt made out of quite a thick stretch cotton, and I made it in Sew Over It's Intro to dressmaking class.

This was, ahem, a challenging first project. I picked the material because it was Dairy Milk purple and I wasn't going to be using anything else when there was Dairy Milk purple right there. But it wasn't the easiest to work with, especially for a rank beginner. It didn't want to fold, it didn't want to press, and it really didn't want to have a zip sewn into it. It took me about 11 hours, five of which I spent trying to get the stupid zip in. The stitching is all over the place round the zip and the hem (it's a really, really, really bad hem) and it sits a lot lower on my waist than it should because we all made our skirts too big for some reason, and in the Land of Slapdash we do not have time to completely take a finished garment apart just to alter the fit slightly.

I haven't worn this yet, but despite its obvious amateurishness I may wear it in the autumn. Because imperfections aside, it's a massive Dairy Milk purple skirt.

Also, it does this:

and I just can't be mad at a piece of clothing which does that.

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