Monday 24 October 2016

holiday sewing: dance party edition

I've been trying to build a habit of going through my wardrobe on a regular basis and being honest about things that don't work or don't get worn. My last clear out was a couple of weeks ago, and most of what I threw out were summer dresses (and jeans. I had five pairs. I barely even WEAR jeans). I wore a fairly limited wardrobe during the small amount of summer we did have, and I had to admit to myself that the woven zip-up dresses I'd made especially for hot weather were never going to get worn because they're not comfortable enough. So I kept my Centauree and threw out all the others.

This was a good decision, but it did leave me struggling to find things to take on my upcoming holiday. When I saw a metre and a half of tropical print fabric sitting on a remnant pile for £3, I decided to knock up something quick, easy, comfortable, and easy to repurpose as a dress to wear to dance events.

This is my second Anna/tulip skirt dress, and it's much simpler than the last one. Because it's a jersey fabric (something vaguely scuba-ish, I'm not sure what the technical term is) I didn't bother with a zip and cut both my back pieces on the fold, and obviously I didn't have to cut it out twice and mount the fabric this time either. 

Construction was pretty straightforward, except for the bit where I mistook my top piece for my skirt piece because I am SPECTACULARLY thick, and the only change I made was to put in a dart at the back of the neck because things always gape there on me. I think next time I might put two in. 

I cut my usual size, so because it's stretchy it's quite a bit looser. This is exactly what I wanted; if I'm going to be drinking rum and eating fish and tropical fruit in the Caribbean I don't want any of my clothes dictating what size portion I have. I was slightly worried about it because my jersey Anna really didn't go very well, but using a slightly heavier fabric and a slightly less fabric-y skirt works much better. 

Yeah, I don't know. This is some kind of vaguely tropical dance, I suppose.

At the moment I am simultaneously sewing up a holiday wardrobe and an autumn wardrobe, so my sewing corner is basically drowning in dissonance. I'm still hoping to make the swimsuit I keep talking about before we actually leave, and since there is no way in hell I'm standing in my back garden wearing a swimsuit in October, I'm hoping to get the pictures while we're away. Just to be properly infuriating. 

Confused end pose!

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