Thursday 7 April 2016

UODPH review

I thought it might be useful for me to look at the things I've made with a couple of months' hindsight. I'm not going to literally review everything I've ever made, because that will get dull, but I'm already grouping some of my makes into batches, right? So to start off with, here are my current thoughts on the products of my Unnecessary October Dress Pattern Haul.

1. Tiramisu

Indisputable success. This is great, and I've worn it a lot. Literally the only bad thing about it is the itchy stay tape in the shoulder seam.

2. Wren

I have never worn this and I am never going to wear this. But it was a good test run, and my second attempt is one of my favourite dresses ever. If I can persuade myself to take apart something I've made, I'll take the top off this and have it as a skirt.

3. Cambie

Two problems with this dress. It could have done with a full bust adjustment, and it is the stupidest colour ever. I mean, it's a nice colour, but it goes with literally no other colour in the world because it's such an optical illusion. This should be a great work dress, but I don't generally go around with bare arms and there is no colour of cover-up that works with it (though I do wear it to work on a fairly regularly basis with a black jumper). I should make another.

4. Elisalex

I wore this at Christmas, and it's a Christmas dress in my mind now. It's also quite heavy. Again, I should make another. I have a mash-up dress using the Elisalex bodice in the works, and you'll be seeing that fairly soon.

5. Moneta

I like this dress and I wear it fairly regularly, but I don't think it's going to last very long. The fabric isn't great quality and it doesn't have much recovery, so it's actually quite difficult for me to tell what I think of the pattern in and of itself. 

Best: Tiramisu
Worst: This particular Wren dress
Would remake: All five (what, ALL FIVE out at once? If you did the voice in your head, we should be friends), and I've already remade two and a half of them.
Biggest overall problem: Fabric choice

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