Monday 19 October 2015

blogging note

OK, after faffing about for eight hundred years or so, I've actually managed to take some pictures. It would be nice if, after all this time, I'd taken each project out on its own little trip and got photos (or at least taken them all somewhere pretty), but I haven't. Taking photos of these things has been on my list for ages and I've started to have Feelings about the fact that I haven't done it, so I just wanted to get it done. In my living room, with the kind of light you normally get on an October afternoon in London. I have a remote release and messy hair. I will try to do better in future, but I just wanted to get these photos taken and have some bloody content again.

I'm planning to write longer posts, make more terrible jokes, and publish everything in a well-spaced-out timeframe but a completely random order. I'm also planning to intersperse my "here is a thing what I made" posts with other stuff, so I don't end up dumping everything out there within the space of a week and ending up in this exact same situation again. Posts on planning! Posts on skills! Posts on how much I despise hemming! Yay!

(Photos tomorrow. I promise.)

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